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THE WHOLE SHEBANG Full Service Design (2 room minumum)

(Note: 2 room minimum required)
Package 1: The Whole SheBang
You want me to handle it all.
All the stops: just make it beautiful + functional
You want me to:

  • View the space(s)
  • Take detailed measurements
  • Hear your likes
  • Also hear your _dis_likes
  • Find out needs
  • Also find out your wants
  • Determine any *keeper* pieces
  • Discuss your family's planned usage of the space
  • View examples of your ideal spaces (Pinterest boards, magazine clippings, photos, etc.)
  • Create a preliminary 3-D image of the space to help envision the plan

AND you want me to handle everything:

  • Work with you at Project Kickoff to determine your ideal budget, and pinpoint detailed preferences from your inspirational photos
  • Comb through the millions of choices to carefully curate: plumbing fixtures (faucets, sinks, toilets, etc.), lighting fixtures, tile & flooring selections including finishing details, paint selections, wallpaper, cabinetry hardware, window treatment fabrics and décor * Narrow down + present to you my top 2 & you make final choices
  • Create digital "mood board" to help you envision the final look
  • Create detailed 2D plans for custom cabinetry & built-ins (cabinet makers LOVE these!)
  • Deal with headaches and issues: be the liaison between you and your crew to help you make sense of project happenings with general contractor and/or job supervisor, architect, structural engineer and sub contractors including plumbers, demo + construction crews, cabinetry builders, electricians, painters, tiling installers, etc.
  • Oversee installation of window treatments, wall art + decor

Ideal for spaces like your kitchen, primary bathroom or guest bathroom, laundry room or any area requiring construction

Package Bonus   Estate Sale Guided Shopping Date

  • Learn all my vintage hunting secrets in the procurement of vintage décor finds by accompanying me to a local estate sale or antiques shop during your project
  • I'll show you first hand all my tips and tricks on how to find those unique pieces that will make your spaces one-of-a-kind.